VT Yankee Sale Delayed After Potential Buyer Revealed to Be Lex Luthor

VERNON – Federal Regulators this week extended the deadline on a decision regarding the sale of Vermont’s decommissioned nuclear power plant to New York-based corporation Northstar Group Services after it was revealed that NGS was a shell company controlled solely by prominent businessman Lex Luthor. While this revelation does not affect the legality of the sale, there is some concern among the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that Luthor will use the spent nuclear fuel to create a radioactive monster.

There is some precedent for the concern, as Luthor did in fact create a nuclear man in 1987 using various radioactive materials, although the creature’s rampages were stunted somewhat by the fact that it was solar-powered and could not properly wreak havoc on cloudy days. With the exponential advances in solar technology over the past three decades, many fear that if Luthor were to gain control over Vermont Yankee and its radioactive materials, there is the  potential for a greater disaster.

Representatives for LexCorp assured the press that their interest in Vermont Yankee was purely altruistic and not at all super-villain-related. The NRC has delayed a decision on the proposed sale until at least March.

Image Credits: VT Digger.

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