U.S. Senate Unanimously Confirms Vermont’s Next U.S. Attorney, Saul Goodman

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a rare moment of bi-partisan unity, the U.S. Senate has confirmed in a unanimous vote that the next U.S. attorney for Vermont will be Saul Goodman. Goodman had been nominated by President Trump to be the U.S. Attorney for 18 other states, but had yet to be confirmed by the Senate.

“I think it’s good, you know?” Goodman told press after the announcement. “Show the kids. Never give up. Crap like that. Took me 19 tries, but hey, here I am. Now get out of my office. I’m busy.”

There was some confusion among the Democrats following the vote, as many of them believed they were voting for a different candidate. The original nomination was for Vermont attorney Christina Nolan , but due to a last minute amendment that was ratified secretly by senate Republicans, her name was crossed out and replaced with Goodman’s. While some were aware that an amendment had been made, no one was permitted to see the details of the amendment until after the vote.

“I’m very disappointed,” said VT Senator Patrick Leahy. “None of us knew what we were voting for, which is why it passed unanimously. If I had known what I was voting for, I never would have approved this nomination.”

Resentment about the secrecy of the vote was not limited to just the Democrats, as several Republicans also complained about the results when the amendment was revealed after the vote.

“This sucks,” said Idaho Senator Mike Crapo. “I thought I was voting for Barry Zuckerkorn.”

Image Credits: Seven Days.

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