Tourists Begin to Arrive in Vermont for the Beginning of Skid Season

FAYSTON – As the first real snowstorm of the season blanketed the state this week, out of town visitors began to pour in for the unofficial start of skid season in Vermont. Drivers, some of whom had never seen snow before, were skidding and sliding all over the roads as they joyfully took down street signs and landed in ditches.

“This is our favorite time of year!” exclaimed one woman from Florida who comes up to Vermont every winter to have an accident. “We pack the whole family into the car, drive for two days straight, and then play bumper cars with the locals! What a treat!”

While some tourists are getting into the wilder spirit of skid season, others are playing it safer this year. “I just have really bald tires,” said one man who claimed to be from Ohio, “and what I like to do is come up here when it snows and drive, oh, around 20 on the highway. Then, when I get to a curve or a slight downhill, I slam my brakes on and just fishtail gently on through. Not as thrilling as what some people do, I know, but I’m comfortable with it, and I enjoy it.”

Whether you skid or not, you life will likely be affected by all the skidders filling the state, so leave some extra time on that commute, and if you’ve never skidded before, Mad River Glen is offering a free one-hour skidding lesson for beginners in their icy parking lot this weekend. Check it out, and skid safe!

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