New Hampshire Accused of Slowly Moving Vermont Border

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION – The Connecticut River has long been the fixed border between the New England states of Vermont and New Hampshire, but now surveyors are noticing a change and are leveling serious charges against the Granite State.

Vermont surveyors have accused New Hampshire of slowly moving the river westward over time at a rate of a few millimeters per year, leaving Vermont with a smaller piece of the rectangle.

“I don’t know how they’re doing it,” said Perry Noyd, one of the surveyors who made the discovery, “but they’re doing it. Maybe with weather balloons or something?”

New Hampshire denies these accusations, claiming that rivers naturally shift course slightly over time and that they have not noticed any difference on their side of the border.

“Of course they said that,” Noyd responded. “but I’m telling you, the ‘Welcome to New Hampshire’ sign is closer to us than it used to be. Someone is moving it.”

Vermont plans to install a security camera on the bridge between White River Junction and West Lebanon to ensure that the river remains where it is.