After Budget Cuts, Putney Grammar School No Longer Cool With Embezzling

PUTNEY – Police in southern Vermont arrested a woman from Chester last week after private Putney school ‘The Grammar School’ suddenly decided they didn’t like losing all the money she was embezzling from them. This was an abrupt change from how the accused woman describes their previous policy.

“I’ve been using their money like it was my own for years,” she told The Winooski, “and nobody never said nothing about it. No signs saying ‘don’t embezzle,’ nothing like that. I spent like thirty thousand dollars on, you know, whatever, and they seemed pretty cool with it. I figure if they wanted me to stop stealing all of their money they would have said something. I’m actually pretty pissed about being arrested, if you want to know.”

The school explained its sudden shift in policy in a statement that was sent out to parents and community members over the weekend. The message made it clear that, due to Gov. Scott’s recent budget announcements and various other financial factors, a decrease in pledged income was certain and there was no longer room in the budget for advanced enrichment programs, art festivals, or embezzlement. With no funds remaining that were earmarked for inside theft, they felt they had no choice but to alert the police.

The Grammar School hopes to increase revenue in 2018 and does not rule out the possibility of adding embezzlement back into the budget in future years.

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