Local Voter Researches Major Issues on Phone in Voting Booth

SEARSBURG – Dee Lehrer, of Searsburg, VT, spent many minutes in a voting booth at the Twin Valley Elementary School in Wilmington this morning trying to make an informed decision. Lehrer was not previously familiar with any of the candidates or ballot items in front of her, but was able to find information for most of them online using her smart phone.

“It’s wonderful to see that there really are a lot of things going on around here,” Leher said, as a line formed behind her. “Some good candidates, some important issues, I’m glad I’m taking the time now to really make an informed decision.”

As the number of people waiting to vote steadily grew, Lehrer watched campaign videos, read opinion articles, and texted friends to ask how they were voting. When she finally cast her ballot, the swell of pride was evident in her smile as she left the building.

“I’m just proud to be such an involved community member,” she said.

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