VT Governor Cuts All Disabilities Services, Calls Them “An Insult to the Handi-Capable”

MONTPELIER – In a move that will eliminate services from over 3000 disabled Vermonters, Governor Scott has slashed $200 million from the state budget in an effort to be more respectful. Under the previous system, Vermonters diagnosed with a developmental disability received state assistance in the form of residential support, employment assistance, and support for family caregivers and aides.

Governor Scott spoke to the press early Friday morning, explaining how he had come to this decision.

“Over the past year I have come to know some really wonderful Vermonters who have been diagnosed with developmental disabilities, and they’ve let me know that they really can do anything that anyone else can do. They’re aren’t disabled, they’re differently abled. And the programs we had in place were an insult to the handi-capable. There’s actually no such thing as a disability. We all just do things in our own beautiful ways. Which is why I have made the surprisingly easy decision to cut all support services for these fine people. Receiving aid from the state is a stigma that no one should have to live with. I hope in my small way, I have removed a barrier for these people as they seek to be recognized as full members of society.”

In a follow-up statement Governor Scott pledged to look into eliminating the Adult Services Division and services for the blind.

Image Credits: VT Digger.