Vermont Golden Honey Festival Relaxes Standards for Vendors

PROCTORSVILLE – The Vermont Golden Honey Festival has issued a notice to potential vendors for its September festival, informing them that the requirements for participating have been relaxed this year due to a lower response rate than usual. The festival, which offers a chance for beekeepers, honeymakers, and artists to present their products and services to attendees, will now open itself up to displays from other groups that are only mildly related to the theme

“I’m thrilled to hear this,” said film director Bille Woodruff. “I’ve been trying to get into the Honey Fest for years, but they told me I couldn’t buy a table. This year, my application was accepted, and I can’t wait.” Woodruff plans to use the table to sell DVD copies of the movie Honey, starring Jessica Alba.

One local Proctorsville resident plans on setting up a booth to sell items that begin with the letter ‘B.’ A sign will hang over the booth that read “The ‘B’ Shop” and festival goers will be able to purchase items such as balloons, bananas, bowling balls, bongos, birdbaths, BBQ brisket, and Batman books. Another station will feature the cast of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”

Festival organizers say that this change will bring in many new vendors, such as Airbnb (dubbed ‘Air Bee and Bee’ for the event) and a group promoting local tourism to Lake Willoughby. There is a discount offered to anyone featuring an actual bee, which officials say should encourage more traditional vendors to participate.

The Vermont Golden Honey Festival will take place this year on September 8th.