Retiring Teacher Will Most Miss Hearing About Fortnite

NORWICH – Mrs. Lehrer has taught 4th grade for 34 years at Marion Cross School in Norwich, VT, and as she prepares for her last few days of teaching before retirement, she says she will really miss hearing about Fortnite from her students.

“I don’t know how I’m going to stay on top off the updates,” Lehrer said wistfully. “I’m no good at the game myself, but I can always rely on my students to keep me up to date. Did you know they did an Infinity War crossover? I never would have heard about that without my students. I’m really going to miss that. I’m going to enjoy retirement, but who will I talk to about the latest mods? How will I know who’s in or out of the squad?”

Lehrer said she will also miss having “The Floss” performed for her dozens of times per minute, as well as the constant disrespect that she doesn’t get anywhere else. She will not miss fidget spinners, she says, because she has collected dozens of them from students over the years and now has a large collection at home to keep her occupied.

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  1. As a Gen-Xer, what’s her view on the kid fads of the ’80s? Does she miss her Cabbage Patch Doll Daycare and Stomper Parking Lot?

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