Plattsburgh Tourism Drops 78% Overnight

PLATTSBURGH – The city of Plattsburgh, NY has reported a startling decline in the number of tourists visiting from out of state. The number of out-of-state vistors plummeted by a staggering 78% from Tuesday to Wednesday, with no possible explanation yet clear.

“We have no idea what happened,” said tourism bureau director Brad Tidings. “There are so many wonderful reasons to visit Plattsburgh, and we have a steady stream of Vermonters coming over each day on the ferry, or over the bridges. At least we did until today. You could go to the Champlain Center Mall any day of the week and see swaths of green license plates filling the parking lot. Now it’s just empty. Is the ferry closed or something? Is it a national holiday? Hopefully this is just a one-time freak anomaly, and the Vermonters will be back tomorrow.”

Residents of Vermont have been consistent visitors to their neighboring city across the lake for many years. In a recent survey by The Winooski, Vermonters cited their favorite things about Plattsburgh, with the culture coming in 0%, the scenery at 1%, the food and dining at 6%, and “they have a Target” at 93%.

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