Vermonters Overwhelmingly Oppose US Border Wall, Support Vermont Border Wall

POWNAL – A new survey of Vermont residents indicates very low support for President Trump’s proposed border wall between the US and Mexico, however very strong support was shown for a border wall around the state of Vermont itself. 91.2% of Vermonters responded that they were either “opposed” or “strongly opposed” to the border wall proposed by President Trump, while 79.6% were “highly in favor of,” “mostly in favor of,” or “probably in favor of” a border wall between Vermont and its neighboring states.

There is already a physical border between Vermont and South Canada, and many agree that it works well at keeping the former residents of Richford where they belong. Now some are suggesting that the state ought to construct a similar barrier designed to keep out undesirables from Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire.

“I’m not really worried about Mexicans, you know?” said Purity Gwaed, of Pownal, VT. “I’m more worried about those Massholes coming up from the south, or those Yankees fans driving over here with their Yankees bumper stickers. There’s got to be a way to keep them out, right?”

While banning travel between states is not technically legal, proponents of the Vermont wall say that it would not be a legal barrier at all, but more of a physical hurdle only.

“Hey, if you can get over the wall, more power to ya,” Gwaed said. “Nobody’s gonna arrest you or anything. But it oughtta be a challenge. And do we really need all these roads leading in here?”

Gov. Scott had no specific comment about the state wall, but only reaffirmed his commitment to the state’s infrastructure, and to vetoing things.