Former Town of Richford, VT Names Itself “South Canada”

RICHFORD – The town of Richford, VT has renamed itself “South Canada” after declaring its secession from the state and country earlier this month. Town officials claim that they will no longer accept any incoming mail addressed to Richford, and that all official documentation must refer to the town as the nation of South Canada.

“Things are actually going pretty well,” said former Town Clerk Alan E. Fletcher. “There’s been no military response at all, which we were definitely worried about, and Governor Scott sent us a note wishing us well in our endeavors. We’re having elections next week for president, and we just voted on a name for our new country. I think South Canada has a nice ring to it. I personally didn’t vote for it. I liked “Richfordonia,” but South Canada is pretty good too. Also, remember to vote Fletcher for President!”

South Canada was chosen by  38% of voters, beating out “Richfordonia,” (26%) “Richford,” (24%) “Richforderica,” (6%) “Baconia,” (5%) and “This is Stupid,” which got two write-in votes.

Image Credits: Paul W. Locke.