Donald Trump Disbands Vermont After Remarks from Gov. Scott

WASHINGTON, DC – The state of Vermont has been disbanded, according to a tweet from Confederate President Donald Trump early this morning. The 2:17 AM tweet appeared to be a reaction to Vermont governor Phil Scott’s Facebook statement from last Saturday. “Vermont has always been a leader in civil rights, tolerance and acceptance – values we know are shared by the vast majority of Americans across this great country,” Scott said on social media. “The acts of violence and hate seen in Charlottesville today do not represent American values, have no place in our nation, and I join leaders across the country in condemning them.”

The initial tweet read “Rather than putting pressure on traitor Gov. Scott, I am disbanding his state. There is no more Vermont. Thank you!”

Trump followed up that tweet with another tweet, which was tweeted as a reply to the first tweet and which read “Vermont is the worst state. Was the worst state. Not a state anymore. No one will miss. #yourefired.”

Senior White House officials were unsure whether or not President Trump has the power to disband a state, as many of them are in their first days on the job and have no governmental or constitutional experience or knowledge. Whether the people who replace them in those positions next week will have a better understanding of the situation remains to be seen. For now, most Vermonters are ignoring the tweet.