Donald Trump Disbands Vermont After Remarks from Gov. Scott

WASHINGTON, DC – The state of Vermont has been disbanded, according to a tweet from Confederate President Donald Trump early this morning. The 2:17 AM tweet appeared to be a reaction to Vermont governor Phil Scott’s Facebook statement from last Saturday. “Vermont has always been a leader in civil rights, tolerance and acceptance – values we know are shared by the vast majority of Americans across this great country,” Scott said on social media. “The acts of violence and hate seen in Charlottesville today do not represent American values, have no place in our nation, and I join leaders across the country in condemning them.”

The initial tweet read “Rather than putting pressure on traitor Gov. Scott, I am disbanding his state. There is no more Vermont. Thank you!”

Trump followed up that tweet with another tweet, which was tweeted as a reply to the first tweet and which read “Vermont is the worst state. Was the worst state. Not a state anymore. No one will miss. #yourefired.”

Senior White House officials were unsure whether or not President Trump has the power to disband a state, as many of them are in their first days on the job and have no governmental or constitutional experience or knowledge. Whether the people who replace them in those positions next week will have a better understanding of the situation remains to be seen. For now, most Vermonters are ignoring the tweet.

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      • Legalize recreational weed and the Southern Federal Dump government will be borrowing money from the GREAT State of Vermont in no time..

      • Maybe Vermonters can come together and take care of ourselves and look out for each other! Health, Education etc. we have given Big Govt. way to much power !

        • Ha,ha,ha….Vermonters can take care of it self huh !! Silly Man,Half your population would go hungry, you might be lucky to support your Education system for grades up to 6th grade,I really don’t think you could form your own “Military”, because you know that every illegal,every wanted fugitive would over run your little peice of the world.You would never be able to preserve your beautiful State parks,therfore,losing all that wonderful tourist revenue (summer,fall,and winter)..If ahy state beleives they can survive without the Federal Government, they are delusional.And go ahead, become a part of Canada…just don’t get sick, you could die waiting for medical care !!!!!

          • You know vermont was it’s own country, with an outstandingly impressive military, for 14 years?

          • Hey Donna, Vermont National Guard are the 1st, and have been the 1st, to be “called up for duty”; mainly because our state is only one with ability to navigate the terrain in Afghanistan… Before you bash my state try becoming educated first… Your dumb asses are lucky enough we remained part of the US… So go back to your flat mountain city, as we don’t need you or your Ignorance… Vermont has a Proud History of standing up to bigotry, racial issues, and human rights… Vermont was instrumental in the saving the lives of thousand of African Americans with the Underground Railroad… John Calvin Coolidge Jr. was the 30th President of the United States. A Republican lawyer from Vermont, demonstrated his determination to preserve the old moral and economic precepts of frugality amid the material prosperity which many Americans were enjoying during the 1920s era… Chester Alan Arthur was an American attorney and politician who served as the 21st President of the United States, and also born in Vermont… And also was a Republican… I’m a Free Thinker; and frankly understands Ignorance controls my Country, and you’re a Trump supporter… So Please do all of Vermont a favor shut your divisional mouth about The Greatest State in the New England and 14th State to the Union of the United States of America..!

        • Susan, Please forgive the mistake I made by leaving the …ers off Vermont (Vermonters). I hope it didn’t make it impossible for you to understand the point I was making.

  1. Sounds Good Donald Dumbbell When Can all The True Vermonters expect our Federal Tax Money Back????????? PS Tell your Daughter and Husband to Vacate Vermont No Trumps allowed!!!!!

  2. This is the craziest thing I have ever heard of. Vermont is a great State and Trump what is doing is absurd. I have so much respect for the stands Governor scoot and the people of Vermont are taking and have taken. Please keep doing what you re doing and know you have my support. Blessings, Gramma/Mama Shirley Barclay

    • Shirley, It states right on this site;s header that they are a satirical site. THE WINOOSKI
      LOCALLY SOURCED ORGANIC VERMONT SATIRE.That means they are poking fun at, making a joke out of, a tweet that Trump made about ending two committees. It’s important to read everything. The tweet that this is a play on is:
      Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Aug 16
      ” Rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople of the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum, I am ending both. Thank you all!”

  3. Everyone knows that the federal gubment can’t abolish a state. And everyone knows that the extreme left and right make up a very, very small percentage of our population. I my self abhor violence in any form, and do not condone the violence that occurred in Charlottesville. However, if the Winooski press had not just taken an excerpt of Gov Scott’s announcement, Trump’s tweet, even though a little rough, would make sense. Reading Gov Scott’s complete statement on Charlottsville, he sides with BLM and Antifa. You know, those people hired and bussed into every conservative rally or college speech and perform violence. That is the meaning of Trump’s tweet. Gov Scott’s view is skewed towards violence in the name of confronting racism, and yes extolling those groups that stifle our 1st amendment rights.

      • Better yet. Don’t publish any fake news to be funny without a huge disclaimer. Loved the joke, and so concerned that average folk are having a hard time determining what is the absurdly true and what is satire because there is so much absurdly true right now and so much being published to intentionally mislead and confuse.

      • Not your fault, people just have their heads so far up their asses, that no one realizes what is real and what is satire anymore

        • It’s the government’s way of causing chaos among the people to break their spirits, thus making the takeover much easier…… One World Order! Google that one for an eye opener!

    • The problem, as I see it, is that it is becoming more and more difficult to separate reality from satire. Trump may yet put things like this paper and the Onion out of business.

  4. Leave it to Vermont to be front runner. I have no doubt Vermont will be delighted to be the first state Donald trump disbands. You do deserve that honor. I can only hope my current home of Virginia will soon be honored by the so-called president.

  5. I was laughing so hard.

    Look, it’s downright believable. This maniac says dumb shit all the time. And if nobody knows you are a wannabe local “nobody likes onions” site, you can hardly blame them.

    Don’t believe everything you read is RIGHT. This will be a thing by the end of the day. Lmao. Because people do believe, and tell their friends and it becomes fact.

    I had to muffle my face as not to wake my house with the tweet alone! Bravo!

  6. Ya sure disband us. Then we can boot your kid over the state line! The comments are the best part. Maybe google “satire” peeps lol

  7. I love how many people can’t tell satire from reality when the word SATIRE is literally staring them in the face!

    Good work team!

  8. My Wife and I are paying near 6 thousand dollars for her immigration from Germany. Does this mean we only have to deal with the state now? That would be awesome. No Federal taxes, No problems with the world in general, No congress taking everyone everyones money, no irs, just like NH wants to be.. Live Free or Die.

  9. I’m thinking of moving to Vermont. Maybe I can get a good deal on a house lot before global warming makes the Eastern parts of the state ocean front property.

  10. If we all quit (seceded (sp?)) then he would have nothing to rule over. Maybe that is the way to get rid of him. Might as well fire all the useless congress types too. We could form some other sort of government and leave them all out of it!!

  11. Okay, yes, it’s Satire. Classic, though – because if Drumpf thought he had the power to do this, He WOULD.

    Keep up the Good Work, and please check out my political website “Blutarsky” on Facebook – Right Up Your Alley!!!

  12. Actually, Trump can’t disband VT. Two years ago, as reported by News from Vermont, Govenator Scumland and his sidekick Bernie Sandless declared that the United Socialist Peoples Independent State of Vermont was independent from the USA. Trump should keep up with current events.

    • Mark,
      I don’t know how you can criticize President Trump when you seem to think this is legitimate news. It is a SATIRE site; not news. Satire is fake, poking fun at someone or something. NOT FACTUAL. Have you heard mention of this “Trump” tweet anywhere else that was not sharing from The Winooski? NO! Read the posts from The Winooski since you seemed to have missed their green, triangular logo at the beginning of this article.
      There have been talks of Vermont’s secession for years, but it hasn’t happened. If Vermont had seceded from the USA, they would not have representation in Congress, nor could they vote in the US elections. Yes, their votes were counted in the last presidential election.
      You need to keep up with current events.

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