Fire Danger Low in Vermont For 137th Consecutive Day

CAMBRIDGE – In what is being hailed as a major victory for Vermont’s fire safety record, the state has now seen its 137th straight day with a fire danger rating of “Low.” It has been almost a year since such a record was previously held, and fire departments all over the state are celebrating.

“Honestly, it’s so great to see people taking fire safety seriously,” said Cambridge Fire Chief Brent Downs. “I’m not sure exactly what folks are doing to keep the air from getting dry, and to cover up any brush or leaves, but it’s working! We haven’t had even a medium fire danger day since October. Keep it up everyone!”

Fire officials are hopeful that the streak will continue for at least a few more weeks, although they say fire danger patterns are impossible to predict. Regardless of the fire danger level, residents are advised to always be on guard when it comes to fire safety.

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