New Study Shows Vermonters Hate Business, Love Taxes

CONCORD – The Ethan Allen Institute has compiled the results of three recent studies and released its own report, concluding that Vermonters love paying taxes and hate businesses. The data was released this week at a meeting with top state leaders, including Gov. Phil Scott and Cdr. Gov. Dave Zuckerman.

The three reports that the study drew from were a Gallup and Sharecare poll showing that Vermont is the happiest state in the US, a Forbes list ranking Vermont as the 47th best state for business, and a CNN report from 2012 that lists Vermont as the 48th best state for taxes, meaning that it has higher tax rates than 47 out of the other 49 states.

“The data doesn’t lie,” said EAI representative Susan Priscilla Yaus. “Vermont has some of the highest tax rates in the country, is terrible for businesses, and has the happiest people anywhere. So it is clear that failing businesses and enormous taxes are what make people happy. Or at least, people who love taxes and hate businesses have all settled in Vermont, a true paradise for the tax-and-spend Democrat.”

The study does not make clear if the high tax rates and poor business scores are related, but does convincingly state that these items are key points in Vermonters’ love for their state and their lives in general. A follow-up study is planned to determine other factors that may be increasing Vermont’s general happiness, such as opioid drug use, astronomically high housing costs, and being the only state without a Cold Stone Creamery.

Image Credits: VPR.