VT Farmers Concerned About Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags

FLETCHER – With the upcoming ban on single-use plastic bags, many Vermont farmers are worried about how that will affect their operations, specifically in the area of hay storage. Most hay farmers currently use single-use plastic bags to store their hay, but with the new legislation that may not be possible any longer.

“They’re saying we could switch to compostable plastic,” says Hal Cyon, who owns and operates Good Old Days Farm in Fletcher, VT. “Now, we could do that, ayup, but as I’m seein’ it our product is also compostable in the technical sense which is the reason for the plastic in the first place, so I figure there’s some concerns around that plan so’s far as I can tell.”

Another option suggested by the state is for the farmers to use re-usable canvas bags to store the hay. Local farmers have not been receptive to this idea either, citing the generally non-waterproof nature of canvas.

“We understand the concerns,” said Gov. Scott, “and we’re working with the farmers to figure this out. Hopefully we can find some sort of toxic chemical that can be sprayed onto the hay that will protect it better than the plastic. If we could get a hay chemical manufacturing plant built here in the state, it would really boost the economy.”

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