Both Vermont GOP Members Angry at Local Conservatives

MONTPELIER – With the 2020 election now less than a year away, both members of Vermont’s GOP party are expressing anger at other state conservatives for not being more supportive of their goals. Party Chair Deb Billado has repeatedly pledged to bring the values of President Trump to the green mountain state, but says other traditionally red voters are refusing to participate.

“The problem with Vermont is the lack of lying, cheating, racist, sexist, anti-Christian corruption that President Trump is trying to bring to our great state,” Billado said at a rally to raise money for Vermont Republican candidates. “I’m pretty sure everyone’s lives are way better off now than they were three years ago, now that taxes are higher, health care is more expensive, non-white people are terrified for their lives, and we’ve almost finished burning down California. But you mention the president’s name around here, and it’s like people are angry about all of this progress.”

Several conservative candidates have been asking Billado and her one other supporter to stop campaigning for them, with some political hopefuls tearing down signs put up by the VT GOP. Many have said privately that they feel less likely to win elections if people linked them to President Trump and the GOP. After Sen. Randy Brock (R-Franklin) begged Billado to stop campaigning in Franklin County, others are now following suit and asking the GOP to leave them alone.

“She tried to come by the other day,” said Rep. Tom Burditt (R-Rutland), “and I had to turn the lights off and hide behind my couch. If anybody saw her here, I’d be right out, I’ll tell you that. I’m campaigning on conservative values, not GOP values. I want small government, more rights for the people of Vermont, not some sort of huge imperial monolith state of bullies and dictators.”

Billado says she is not impressed with the disloyalty shown by the majority of the states conservatives, and that they will all pay dearly once the GOP fully realizes its plan to bring about the aforementioned huge imperial monolith state of bullies and dictators (HIMSOBAD).

“In the end it doesn’t really matter how you vote,” said the other member of the VT GOP. “We have your Facebook data. We know what to say to you specifically to emotionally manipulate you. It’s not a question of IF we’re going to win, but rather who will have our favor once we take control.”

Image Credits: VTDigger.