Barbershops and Hair Salons Proposed as Vaccination Sites

CUTTINGSVILLE – Vermonters may find it easier to have their hair trimmed and be vaccinated under a proposal submitted by Representative Buzz Cutts, of Cuttingsville. Cutts, who is the proprietor of “Eastern Hairlines Tonsorial” suggests the Vermont Health Department allow hair stylists and barbers provide vaccine to patrons sitting in their chairs. “The one month separation between injections is about the time frame between haircuts. It’s a win-win,” Cutts states.

Francoise Brady, owner of “Curly Girls Salon” in Barre, backs the idea. Brady is President of the Vermont Hair Designer and Highlighter Society, and is suggesting training interns in the inoculation process. “This could have a long term impact. Need a flu shot? Just go to your salon!”

Over at Hair Haven, in Fair Haven, Senior Stylist Flo Dryer, totally supports Cutts, stating “What a business stimulus! New Yorkers will just flock here. We’re even considering a Pandemic Perm Design that requires two visits.”

There was a slightly different feeling at Panton Permanology (P-Ology to Townies). “We have fifteen locations here, and there may be some logistical issues,” stated Dandy Ruffe. “We do wear PPE, but now additional medical waste disposal comes into play.”

While at Burlington’s Progressive Perms Palace (Triple P’s, locally) on Church Street, CEO Heidi Lighter says “What’s another chemical to us?”

And at “Bleachers Unisex Barbershop” (BUB for short) in Baltimore, proprietor Curley Lockette says patrons will benefit three fold. “Get styled, inoculated, and catch up on town gossip all in one sitting.”

Maxine Shiner, of The Bald And The Beautiful Men’s Boutique, Topshams only downtown business says, “This could be an economic stimulator, a good injection of needed revenue.”

Large chain Pharmacies are pledging strong opposition to the idea, issuing a press release stating, “This is just sticking it to our profit line.”

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