Local Man Switches Out Winter Tires, Causes April Snowstorm

WHITINGHAM – A local man is apologizing to friends and neighbors today after setting off a snow storm in April. Dan Gnabbit, of Whitingham, went against common sense and decided to change to all season tires before May 1st, and he now says that he is sorry for causing everyone in Vermont so much trouble.

“I’m very sorry for what I did,” Gnabbit told reporters, who contacted him after seeing a Facebook post in which he admitted to removing his snow tires early. “I know that if you switch your tires out before May, it causes a Nor’easter, but it just seemed like the week to do it.”

The spitting of snow on Friday was enough to make Gnabbit believe that the tire change-over curse had already been activated, and that he was free and clear to buck tradition and set the appointment with his autobody shop. “Honestly, I thought we were done with this,” he said.

The snow on Friday was confirmed to have been caused by Mrs. April Hale, of Winooski, who had mistakenly put away all of her children’s winter coats and boots for the season.

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