Fish and Wildlife Department Extends Sea Monster Season to Two Weeks

MONTPELIER – The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department has announced that this year’s hunting and trapping season for sea monsters will expand to two full weeks, twice what the traditional season has been in the past. Despite the fact that no one has ever successfully caught a sea monster this season is always popular in the state, uniting both the hunters and the fishers and filling in a gap between other hunting seasons.

The 2017 sea monster season will take place between June 1 and June 14 inclusive, coming just one day after the conclusion of spring turkey season, and well before the start of small game hunting in August. A spokesman for the department says that they hope to minimize injuries by concluding the season before schools let out for the summer, but are also responding to an apparent need for a longer season. Sea monster hunters have long claimed the short season as the primary reason for being unable to kill and eat Champ, our unofficial state lake mascot.

The news has been met with resounding enthusiasm from the state’s monster hunters, although some citizens are concerned that an extra week of people rowing about the lake with shotguns and harpoons attacking anything blurry that moves could pose a threat, especially to those with lakefront property. Fish and Wildlife responded to these concerns by advising anyone near the lake to wear something bright and with a very high resolution, preferably at least 300 ppi.

Be careful out there, Vermonters! And, as always, remember that if you do catch a sea monster it must be longer than thirty feet or state law requires that you release it back into the lake.