Local Papers Continue to Ignore Demand, Print Truth

VERMONT – Despite clear evidence that it is not what their readers want, many local Vermont newspapers continue to print stories full of actual truth and factual details. Papers such as The Burlington Free PressThe Rutland HeraldThe Bennington Banner, and many more are refusing to provide the services that their customers long for, such as sensationally exaggerated stories, misleading headlines, articles that are actually just lists, and photographs of cats.

The Chester Telegraph, which covers south-central Vermont, recently printed an article claiming that the Weston Select Board is considering a ramp for the Wilder Library. When asked what the board is really considering for the library, reporter Bruce Frauman said “a ramp.” This flagrant disregard for shareholder value was echoed throughout nearly every news organization in the state. Circulation numbers are declining, and yet stubborn editors refuse to change with the times and start printing lies.

The staff here at The Winooski would like to assure our readers that this is not a problem for our organization. We have not printed any actual truth since day one, and we do not plan to start any time soon. You’re welcome.

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