Underwater Town Discovered – Believed to Be “Lost City of Thetford”

THETFORD – Underwater explorers studying the Connecticut River have made a startling discovery this week as they searched the river bed for aquatic life and mineral samples. The team has found an entire civilization at the bottom of the river, and they are claiming that it is the fabled “Lost City of Thetford.”

Thetford, as most Vermonters will know, was a small town on the edge of the Connecticut river about 15 miles north of White River Junction. Its existence is considered factual as there are records of the town dating from 1761, all the way through to 2017. What is not known is exactly what happened to the town and its over two thousand residents. Back in June of 2017, during a particularly rainy period, it was noticed that the town was no longer where it had previously been. Details have faded over the following weeks, and many do not currently believe that the town of Thetford ever existed at all. Over the course of time, the town became known as the “Lost City,” despite not being an actual city, and treasure hunters have been searching for it ever since it vanished.

If this underwater discovery is indeed Thetford, many questions may finally be answered about what happened to the town all those long days ago. How did the residents learn to breathe underwater? How do they get around without roads? Will the city ever dry out and return to its previous location? The answers to this ancient mystery might finally be at hand.

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  1. I believe that there probably is a cool story about this city but the article is so poorly written that it’s hard to believe the writer had any real comprehension of what they were talking about. Go back, do some investigating, create an articulate discussion and then present it to us.

    • We believe that you are probably an intelligent person who is able to recognize satire, but your comment is so poorly written that it is hard to believe that you have any real comprehension of what you are talking about. Go back, look at our tagline, read the clearly labeled photograph, find a dictionary and look up “satire,” and then please come back and enjoy the rest of our site, none of which contains any investigation, truth, or facts. Just satire. Did we mention that this is satire?

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