New North End Residents Vote to Close Pine Street South of Maple Street

BURLINGTON – In a controversial vote this week, residents of the New North End of Burlington voted overwhelmingly to close traffic on Pine Street south of Maple Street in the south end of the city. The road will instead become a bike path and walkway for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles only.

“We just never use it,” said North End resident Jane Dupont, “and if we do use it, there’s just so much traffic on that section that we can’t get through anyway. So shut it down! Walking would be faster.”

Residents of the South End were horrified to learn of the results of the vote, and have promised to appeal the decision. “I’m not exactly sure why the North End folks got to vote on it in the first place,” said Pine Street resident Bill Duvall. “How am I going to get out of my driveway if the road is gone?”

“I’m sure they will figure something out,” Dupont said. “The road will still be there. Just not for cars.”

Image Credits: Brian Cribb.

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