Burlington Town Center Relocates to Shelburne Museum

SHELBURNE – As developers prepare for construction on the land between Church Street and Pine Street, cranes and trucks have been busily carting off the old Burlington Town Center and moving the building to its new home at the Shelburne Museum. The two story structure began life in 1976 as the Burlington Square Mall, and is ready for a new home in Shelburne.

“We couldn’t be more excited,” said Tom Denenberg, director of the museum. “Our mission is to preserve the past, to enrich people’s lives through art, history, and culture, and to do it with a special focus on Vermont. Burlington Town Center is a fantastic example of how people used to do their shopping back in the late twentieth century, and I think future generations are really going to appreciate having it preserved at the museum.”

The museum hopes to open the building to the public in late 2018, and yes, it will include a new gift shop.

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