Marvel to Reboot Spider-Man a Third Time, Filming in St. Albans

ST. ALBANS – Residents of St. Albans are feeling a little safer lately, now that a certain web-slinging superhero is in their midst. Saint Albans City School is subbing in for New York City in the upcoming film “Spider-Man: Origins.” Faculty and staff say that it has been a delight to work with Spidey, and that his presence was not disruptive to the classroom.

This will be the third reboot since the costumed crime-fighter made his cinematic debut in 2002, but Marvel isn’t worried about possible fan backlash. “People reacted so positively to a younger Peter Parker in Homecoming,” said Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, “and we just thought, hey, if people love a high school version, they will go nuts over an elementary school Spidey. It just makes sense. And I think by now we’ve earned their trust.”

Spider-Man: Origins has a scheduled release date of May 8th, 2020.

Image Credits: Luke Hungerford.

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