STUDY: Men Without Daughters Less Able to Understand Basic Human Decency

BURLINGTON – According to a study released this week by the Sanders Institute in Burlington, VT, men without daughters are far less likely to exhibit a comprehension of basic human decency than men with female children. This study was undertaken after thousands of men across the country began posting objections to sexist and misogynist behavior, and including the phrase “I have a daughter.” The study was interested to find out if the ancillary was also true, and it was discovered that, as expected, men without daughters had no problems with human beings being treated poorly.

“Yeah, I mean, I just don’t have a daughter,” explained one anonymous responder, “so why would I care what Harvey Weinstein did to all those girls? Or that people in Flint, Michigan still don’t have clean drinking water?  Or that there’s a frickin’ genocide going on over in Myanmar? Come on man, I have two sons. I don’t care about that stuff. I just care about me and mine.”

According to the study, 97% of men with daughters felt that all humans should be treated equally and have equal opportunities, compared with only 23% of men with only sons, and 6% of men with no children at all.