Londonderry Select Board Votes to Disband

LONDONDERRY – In a decision made seemingly out of spite, the Select Board in the southern Vermont town of Londonderry has voted to disband, rather than deal with the extra tasks left to them by the recently disbanded Policing Committee. The Select Board had asked the Policing Committee to look into local issues such as town speed limits, safety ordinances, and signage however, in lieu of the report the Select Board was expecting, they got a formal notice that the Policing Committee had decided to disband instead.

“We weren’t too happy about that, I can tell you,” said Select Board chair Paul Gordon. “We asked them to do their jobs,  and they just up and quit instead, and told us to do their work for them. Well, I guess you can figure how that went over. I don’t think I need to tell you that we were pretty upset. So George says she could do the work herself, and Tom says that ain’t fair, which it ain’t, and then Jim says to me, well why don’t we just disband then too, if that’s the thing to do? So we did.”

Now that the town is without a Select Board, governance may fall to the town of Newfane, which is the county seat of Windham Country where Londonderry is located. The Newfane Select Board is not at all pleased about this development, however. Carol Hatcher, chair of the Newfane Select Board, told reporters that if she had to start dealing with Londonderry’s business, she would probably just disband the county entirely and let the state handle things in the future.

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