CarShare Vermont Adds Snow Plow Option

BURLINGTON – After recent heavy snowfall, and more snow projected over the next few weeks, CarShare Vermont has responded to customer demand by adding a dozen snowplows to their fleet of vehicles. CarShare Vermont is a non-profit membership organization in which subscribers have access to a communal set of vehicles placed strategically around the Burlington area. When members need to use a car, they simply sign up for that vehicle ahead of time and, provided it has not already been scheduled by another user, they have access for a set number of hours or days for a small fee. And now they will also be able to drive a snowplow.

One stipulation made by the company, at the request of the professional snowplow drivers union, is that members not grab a loaner plow and then monetize that plow by selling their services to friends and neighbors. There was no word on how CarShare would enforce such a restriction and, given that plowing your friends and family is encouraged, it seems like a token gesture rather than a strict bylaw.

Members seem to be excited about the new additions, with eleven of the plows already scheduled to be taken out on Saturday, the first day the plows are available and also the first upcoming day to dip below freezing. Temperatures today and tomorrow will be unseasonably warm, although CarShare does not currently place any weather restrictions on their vehicle selection matrix. Which means that, in warmer months, and if nothing else is available, we may start to see Vermonters jumping in snowplows and heading to the beach. But, per CarShare’s user agreement, if you do get sand in your plow it is your responsibility to clean it out before you return it.

Snowplows, ranging from highway sized to smaller sidewalk plows, will be available via the CarShare website starting this weekend.