Delta To Allow Emotional Support Moose on Flights

BURLINGTON – Seeking to set itself apart from competitors such as United Airlines, who recently denied a woman her vitally important emotional support peacock, Delta Airlines has welcomed an emotional support moose that a man brought with him on a flight out of Burlington International Airport (BTV). The unidentified passenger was travelling to Vancouver and had a doctor’s note with him, defining the animal as a medical necessity.

According to the other passengers Delta was very accommodating, even bumping someone off the flight to give the emotional support moose its own seat next to the man. The moose was reportedly very well-behaved for most of the flight, only slightly goring one of the flight attendants during take-off. The moose drank two large bowls of Diet Coke and snacked on some alfalfa that its owner had brought for it.

A representative from Delta stressed that the airline is always happy to provide whatever their customers need, and that they would be happy to fly with other large herbivores in the future. United was not available for comment.

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    • and they couldn’t require a carnivore to wear one of those mouth guards so s/he couldn’t have passengers for snacks. that would be very poor hosting.

    • Friend, the moose is probably more dangerous than any given carnivore you could name. It’ll reduce a truck to scrap and not even care.

    • All U.S. carriers have non-discriminatory policies in effect allowing most carnivores on regularly scheduled flights. Carnivores, as defined here, include a major percentage of the homo sapien species -that is those of said species given to drool at the sight of a good ribeye sizzling on the grill.

      • You forgot to mention the emotional support mountain lion that was also onboard, and had to witness that! He now has his own emotional support pug to help him through this trying time, and possibly snack time as well!!!

  1. Kicking families with small children off a flight or all the others who have been aksed to deplane just b/c they dont like their attitude or b/c they want to give the seat to another person they feel is more important is not a problem but bringing a MOOSE on the plane is OKAY???!!CRAZZZYYYYYY!

  2. Interesting, I like it! What happens if the moose decides it is unhappy/scared and starts to jump around and kicking. Its kicking can damage the plane. It is not like someone can get up behind it and wrestle it to the floor and subdue it…? I know, I know…it is a pet, but unconventional pets can get out of hand.

    • But a cassowary bird would eat pretzels. They are superior emotional support friends. I highly recommend them.

  3. I read about something similar but the animal was a bull. One of its horns punctured the aircraft fuselage causing the cabin to depressurize rapidly. Fortunately they were able to land the aircraft safely.

  4. Well, have you ever read “If You Give a Moose a Muffin?” You alrady know how this happened. The moose will want some jam for his muffin. If he is in Arizona and only wants the freshest blueberry jam, he will have to find some say to fly to Maine. So, he finds an emotionally unstable human and offers his support services . . . and that is “the rest of the story!”

  5. Funniest part is the people that asked if it was real! Actually, no I take that back. The satire was funny. Those people that asked if it was for real are crazy sick and live in a friggin hole.

  6. What a cool post! Having grown up with moose wandering in and out of our yard in Alaska, I can really relate to the “support” aspect! But, never, ever, in my entire life would I believe someone actually wanted to, or was allowed to, take it on any kind of travel vehicle! This is hilarious! But points out, once again, that people are gullible when they are uninformed or accept anything they see in print, as if it’s in the Bible. Only Noah could have given the moose a berth! 🙂 LOLOLOL!

  7. I am heartened to see that Delta was generous enough to welcome the emotional support moose. Personally, I very much like meese, and can understand why someone would need to take theirs along. Unfortunately, I come from a part of the world where meese are a rarity. You might be lucky enough to have an elk or a reindeer as your companion animal, but a moose … just a dream. However, I have a very dear donkey friend, and it just breaks my heart to have to leave him at home when I go on vacation. So, of course, next time I fly, it will definitely be with Delta!

    Language tip: You say satire, I say satyr.

  8. To all that for some reason thought this was real. 1) Moose are so big, that it would just be a moose’s head and antlers in a seat like this, like they took it off their wall at home and had it loaded into a seat on the plane. 2) Next time you see something like this, research and think about it before commenting, to avoid looking extremely stupid in public. Just saying.

    • And the people who brought the moose and squirrel onto the plane were named Boris and Natasha, right? Or, at least, one can hope.

      ‘Sarcasm’ may share some letters with ‘stupid,’ although they could look similar when viewed peripherally.

  9. As you probably suspect, dolphins make the best therapy pets. This will cause major headaches for airline executives, headaches that can only be effectively treated by dolphins. The vicious cycle of life!

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