L.L. Bean No Longer Accepting Returns of Walmart Items With “L.L. Bean” Written on Them in Sharpie

BURLINGTON – In a huge policy shift this week, L.L. Bean has announced that they will no longer refund any money to customers who bring in gear and apparel from other stores for returns, even if the items have the words “L.L. Bean” written on them with a permanent marker. This announcement comes hot on the heels of L.L. Bean’s other big announcement earlier this week, in which they stated that they would no longer accept merchandise returns on items over one year old.

Burlingtonians met the news with anger and confusion, as some headed down to the downtown location to complain.

“This is ridiculous!”said one shopper, holding an old K-Mart bag full of threadbare items that all had “L.L. Bean” messily scribbled on them. “That was the only reason I ever shopped here, to return old stuff and get better stuff! If I was lucky I’d find some messed up L.L. Bean crap in a dumpster somewhere and I could return that, but on days I couldn’t find that I always knew I could just turn some of my other junk into official L.L. Bean stuff and get some cash, or at least a nicer pair of boots. Now I can’t do any of it anymore, and it’s just not fair to the consumer! I’m here to complain until I get what I want!”

A Walmart representative also condemned the move, saying, “This is absolutely going to hurt our bottom line. If people can’t take our cheaply made, poor quality merchandise and trade it up for something better, then what are they supposed to do with it? Wear it?”

The new policy went into effect immediately at all locations, including the only Vermont location in the Burlington Square Mall Town Center City Place.

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