Scientists Find When Cows Drink Maple Syrup The Flavor Carries Over Into Their Milk

WINOOSKI – A team of agricultural scientists in Vermont has made a startling discovery this week. They found that dairy cows, when fed enough maple syrup, will produce maple flavored milk. This maple milk was found to have a sweeter and more pleasing flavor than regular cows’ milk with maple syrup mixed in after the fact.

This discovery is assumed to be the beginnings of a new product market, with farmers preparing the maple milk for store shelves as early as this spring. The price differential will be vast, however, as the cows need to drink several gallons of maple syrup to create one gallon of maple milk, making the process almost prohibitively expensive. It will be cheaper to simply mix a small amount of maple syrup into a larger amount of milk but, the scientists assure us, this post-milking mixture will be woefully inferior.

Prices have not yet been set for Maple Milk straight from the cow, but ballpark figures put the range at around five times the price of regular maple syrup, and up to fifty times the price of regular milk.

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