Tinder Teams with Catholic Church for Ash Wednesday Valentine’s Mixer

BURLINGTON – Popular hook-up app Tinder and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington have joined forces this year to create a dating mass for February 14th. The event will be held at St. Mark Catholic Parish on North Avenue, and will include both romantic and religious themes.

“We’re very excited about this opportunity to reach community members who might otherwise never walk through our doors,” said Father Johnson, who has advertised the event locally as a ‘Va-LENT-ine’s Day Service.’ “We’ll be anointing people with ashes and reminding them of the sacrifice made for them, while also giving them the chance to maybe meet someone who shares their faith.”

“We’re also very excited,” said a Tinder representative, who has branded the event as an ‘Ass Wednesday Thrown-Down.’ “There’s an open bar, dope DJ, a fog machine, and lots of sexy singles, plus if anybody wants to tell their parents they went to church tonight, this is their chance. Let’s DO THIS!”

Both groups are waiting to assess the event after the fact before committing to a similar type of collaboration in the future.

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