VAOT Increases Road Signage in Student Housing

BURLINGTON – In an effort to improve student safety, the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VAOT) has stepped up efforts to place street signs in student dorms and apartments around the state. Their initial focus will be in Burlington, due to the large concentration of college students in the state’s largest city, but there are plans to add signs around the rest of Vermont later this spring, starting in Middlebury.

Signs to be hung on student walls and balconies will include “Stop,” “Bump,” “Yield,” and, of course, “3-Way Speed Hump.”

“There are a lot of hazards in these dorms,” VAOT Secretary Joe Flynn said, “and these young people are just experiencing the world on their own for the first time. They need a little guidance. Is there a wall there? Should they stop? Sure, seems like common sense to us, but not to everyone. We’ve been installing stop signs on college dorm walls for years, but we’re really stepping up our efforts here to ensure everyone’s continued safety.

Hundreds of the helpful signs are already in place, which visitors can see by visiting any student housing building in Burlington, and the remainder of the signs will be installed over the next few months.