Spring Delays Trip to VT After Flight is Cancelled Due to Storm

SOUTH BURLINGTON – Yesterday was supposed to be the day that Spring arrived in Vermont but, after a series of travel mishaps and weather-related delays, the visit has been delayed indefinitely. Vermonters are disappointed, but most are hopeful that the tour will be rescheduled. Spring was scheduled to be in Vermont from March 20th through June 20th.

It started with a missing passport, which caused Spring to miss its early arrival. There was a potential itinerary in play that would have seen Spring arrive early for a few weeks of personal time in the green mountain state, but that timeline quickly deteriorated as new travel documents had to be processed. Days turned into weeks, until finally everything was in place for Spring’s hard deadline of Tuesday the 20th.

With bags packed and passport in hand, Spring was on the way to the airport when the news came that the flight to BTV airport had been cancelled due to the impending nor’easter that was tracking across the flight path. This is the fourth major snowstorm in as many weeks, and many wonder if there aren’t more still to come.

Spring has promised to reschedule the trip once the winter storms die down, possibly as early as late April.

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