Local Traitor Commits Act of Public Cowardice in Face of Strong Opposition

MONTPELIER – A local man performed the ultimate act of cowardice this week as he publicly refused to back down on an issue he felt was important, despite copious peer pressure from friends and family. This unwillingness to relent and return to prior ways of thinking has left him branded a traitor and he now faces a social stigma that may follow him for a long time.

“You know what a traitor is?” said one witness to the event, who held aloft a mighty sign reading ‘Traiter.’ “I’ll tell you. A traitor is someone who adjusts their position based on new information that they assimilate into their previously held beliefs, that’s what a traitor is. If your mind changed, did you ever really have one to begin with? Think about THAT!”

“He’s a total coward,” said another onlooker, looking for something to throw. “Look at the way he’s right out here in public in front of everybody, doing something super unpopular that could get him into trouble just because he believes it’s the right thing to do. Is there anything more lily-livered than that? Makes me sick.”

Bystanders hurled insults at the man as he signed away whatever spine he had left, shouting out that he was so cowardly he didn’t even have a last name but two first names only. Other screamed that he only cared about issues when they began to affect his state, almost as if his primary responsibility was to this one particular state and not every human on the planet.

There were a few supporters surrounding the man, attempting to cheer him on and steady his resolve, but it was generally agreed that any man who needs the support of a community to function is no man at all and is hardly worth the bootstraps with which he was unable to pull himself up.

Image Credits: VTDigger.

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