Governor Scott Loses Pen, Vetoes All Bills

MONTPELIER – After a long and difficult, but ultimately productive, legislative session, many Vermont lawmakers were dismayed to learn that Vermont Governor Phil Scott had vetoed every single bill that had been passed. These bi-partisan bills, many of which had majority support from the population of the state he has sworn to serve, were the result of compromise, discussion, and diligent negotiations by the state’s elected officials, and many now feel that their time was wasted and looked to the governor for an explanation.

“I lost my pen,” Gov. Scott told reporters outside the statehouse Wednesday morning. “I want to applaud the dedicated senators and representatives who came together to craft these fine bills that would have moved Vermont forward, increased its ability to attract young workers and families to the state, and made our home a safer and more decent place to live. I wish I could have found my pen. I looked for it for over twenty minutes. It’s gold colored, bit of white on the end of it, very shiny, black ink, and I really need it. If anyone has seen it please contact me immediately. I had to just veto every single thing that came across my desk. I was out of time. It was almost 5 o’clock and it would have been unfair to my staff to keep the office open longer just because I couldn’t find my pen. But the good news is, there is always another session and, with the great work the folks here did this time, I have no doubt they will be able to do it again next session.”

The state house is asking any Vermonters with knowledge of the whereabouts of Gov. Scott’s “bill-signing pen” to please callĀ 802-828-3333.

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