Church Gives Out Free Marijuana at “Bake” Sale

SHELBURNE – Trinity Episcopal Church has hit upon a new fund raising plan that has seen them raise thousands of dollars in just one afternoon, thanks to Vermont’s new marijuana laws and a group of amateur bakers. While the state’s new laws do not allow for the sale of the drug, members of the public are permitted to possess up to one ounce of pot, and once that ounce is consumed they are free to obtain another. Customers at the TEC Bake Sale did just that, as they spent huge sums on snacks while being handed free marijuana by members of the choir.

Brownies were selling for $12 each. Chocolate chip cookies were $10 a pop. If you wanted one of Joan’s famous caramel cupcakes, that was going to set you back $20. And at a side table, joints were handed out for free as a “welcoming gift.” Business was slow at first but, as more and more customers began to light up, the bake sale table began to see some activity. By the end of the event the snacks were sold out and the church had made over $4000.

“I liked it, man” said one customer, eating a small $15 bag of Sun Chips. “Really good idea. Usually at these things it’s only the food that’s baked, you know what I mean?” The customer then began giggling uncontrollably and was unable to provide further comment.

Church leadership seemed pleased with the event, and suggested they might repeat it later in the summer. “We’re always looking for new ways to reach the community,” said “Bud” Ockert, Senior Warden. “And to be blunt, this is the highest participation we’ve seen in years.”

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