STUDY: Fireworks Look Better On Mobile Devices

BURLINGTON – A survey of attendees at the annual Independence Day Fireworks Show on Burlington’s waterfront concluded that 86% of people prefer to look at fireworks on their mobile devices, rather than directly in the sky. As the stunning display of pyrotechnics blazed overhead, viewers scrambled to get their phones and tablets up in front of their faces in order to the get best visual experience. People in the crowd who were foolish enough to leave their mobile electronic devices at home craned their necks, struggling to peer at the devices of neighboring screen holders in a desperate attempt to get a decent look at the tiny, blurry, washed-out, superior experience.

“Lookit this one!” shouted one woman in the crowd, holding her phone down for her children to better see the display. “It’s like a fuzzy smudge ball! Beautiful!” The children oohed and ahhed, as they finally saw fireworks in stunning 326 ppi.

Gazing out over the wall of screen held aloft in front of him, a man in the back of the pack smiled and said, “See? I got the best view. Don’t even have to waste my battery. I got about 50 views of the fireworks right here in front of me. Best seat in the house.”

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