Local Satire Site Completely Sells Out

WINOOSKI – Vermont satire site The Winooski has announced that it has sold its soul to new corporate overlords at VTDigger.org and will now provide content of a much lower quality. The move comes as a blow to all fans of The Winooski, both of whom enjoyed the distinction between real news and whatever it is that The Winooski does. We reached out to Winooski founder and EIC Adam Hall for a comment on this diabolical  and traitorous move.

“Well, first of all, there are no corporate overlords,” said Hall, trying to cover his tracks. “VTDigger is not a corporation, they’re a non-profit. What part of “dot org” don’t you understand? And I haven’t sold the site. They’re just going to re-print one of our articles weekly, on Mondays I think, and that’s pretty much it. They have no say in what we write about over here. Nothing will change.”

Hall’s comments were unable to be deciphered, since most of what he says is either satirical or so widely exaggerated that any truth in his statement will only be uncovered by future generations after time has its say. Our brilliant reporter did not let up, and continued to poke Hall with important questions, such as why only his name is on the VTDigger site when he does not write all of the articles. What happens if they want to publish something he has not personally written?

“Huh. Yeah, that’s a good point actually,” Hall floundered. “I’m not sure what to do there. I guess I would have to check with the original author and see if they are comfortable being cross-published and how they would want to receive credit? Some people prefer remaining anonymous, but for people who don’t? Maybe a credit at the end of the re-published article? Hmmm, I have no idea. But thanks for pointing that out.”

Clearly the once mighty satire site is going downhill and its founder is not to be trusted. Legitimacy is the death of comedy, and The Winooski is almost verging on the somewhat legitimate. Well, it was fun while it lasted. You can enjoy reading stuff from a guy who doesn’t know what he is doing on this site, now weekly on another site. If that’s your thing.

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  1. As the other fan of The Winooski referenced in the article I wonder whether this could not have been engineered as a reverse takeover with VTDigger reprinting 40 or so articles on the Winooski site each week thereby maintaining whatever modicum journalistic integrity the Winooski might still possess.

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