Grafton Opens New Foliage Hiking Area For Nudists Called “Peepers Trail”

GRAFTON – If you’re a leaf-peeper who enjoys peeping at more than just leaves, you may be interested in visiting the new “Peepers Trail” in Grafton, VT this October. Catering to au naturel nature lovers, this new hiking path will offer a clothing-free option to those who wish to see the scenery in the buff. The start of the trail will feature a disrobing booth where hikers can rent lockers for their belongings before embarking on a two-hour-long journey filled with what the website is calling “views that will stay with you forever.”

“It only makes sense,” said owner and manager of the trail Jay Starkers. “They got that all-nude resort down in, I wanna say Halifax? Plus they got nude beaches, but I never heard about no nude leaf peepin’ trail before, so it seemed like a million dollar idea to me. I already got the land, so it wasn’t hard to set it up.”

The 4.5 mile trail takes its unattired tourists through gentle slopes filled with red oak, red maple, pin cherry, basswood, and exposed strangers. Participants will take in the naked beauty of creation as they get to know their fellow peepers and take plenty of photographs.

The first several tours are already sold out, although Starkers doesn’t plan to be on any of them himself.

“Hell no,” he said quickly, “you wouldn’t catch me out there in October with nothin’ on. It’s gonna be freezin’!”

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