Vermonters Concerned About Lack of Ballot Items Concerning Women’s Bodies

WINOOSKI – All across the state of Vermont today people are lining up to cast their votes on local issues and representation, but one topic that seems to be largely ignored on ballots this year is the female reproductive system. It is an unusual situation for an issue that is generally foremost on the hearts and minds of all people, and some Vermonters are already raising questions about how this glaring omission could have occurred.

“I’m really very concerned,” said Winooski resident Randy Astle. “The state just passed a law regarding women’s reproductive options that they hope will counteract any future federal restrictions, and I was sure we’d have options on the local level to override any state permissiveness. The fact that I don’t see a single option allowing me to have a say over a woman’s most intimate body parts is shocking and a little disturbing.”

“Where do I get to write down what I think about lady business?!” shouted one man from the gym of Camels Hump Middle School in Richmond, to murmurs of support from the crowd.

Others are also concerned, but from the other direction. Fanny Freeman, who cast her vote today in Bennington, said she was hoping for local initiatives that would support the recent H.57 bill that passed the house in Montpelier last month.

“We’re under attack from all sides,” Freeman said, “and we had a chance to strengthen protections for women at the local level. It’s a shame that we missed that chance. I specifically would have liked to see a ballot item about women’s bodies proposing a ban on ballot items about women’s bodies. Fight legislation with legislation, I always say.”

Despite concerns from all sides, there is not a single ballot item in the state that will either protect or restrict women’s reproductive systems. Vermonters will just have to wait until next year if they want to dive in to that sticky situation.