Republicans Rush to Support Excessive Use of Force After Progressives Condemn It

MONTPELIER – The Vermont GOP released a statement yesterday supporting excessive use of force by police officers. This statement comes shortly after a statement by the Vermont Progressive Party condemned unnecessary and excessive use of force.

“We were, frankly, shocked at [the progressive party’s] statement,” said VT GOP chair Deb Billado. “We had no idea that they were opposed to police brutality. But if they hate it so much, it can’t be as bad as we thought, right? We’re currently looking into their stated views on other issues to determine whether or not we need to change our position. For instance, how do they feel about elder abuse? Cursing in public around children? Coughing into your elbow? We’re looking into it.”

Republicans had not previously come out in direct favor of violence, although it is line with many of their national policies. The Democrats have not released any statements, as their positions shift too quickly to draft anything of lasting relevance.

The full statement from the VT GOP is as follows:

“Today we stand in support of our law enforcement heroes, who put their lives on line every day, and who know that sometimes too much force is just the right amount. We also support our volunteer firefighters, national guard members, sanitation workers, and all other heroes working to keep our communities safe. We condemn the words of our Progressive neighbors as anti-law and anti-order.”

The Vermont Progressive Party could not be reached for comment, but did quickly release a statement condemning volunteer firefighters and any form of public sanitation.

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