University of Vermont Offers to Boycott State of Alabama for $26.5M

BURLINGTON – After the University of Alabama returned a huge donation to major donor Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr. over his political rhetoric, the University of Vermont is hoping to swoop in and scavenge those funds. The University of Alabama made the decision to reject the gift, and remove Culverhouse’s name from the law school, after he spoke out against the state’s restrictive new abortion law and recommended that Americans boycott the state.

“We’d be very happy to boycott the state,” said UVM incoming president Suresh Garimella. “If Mr. Culverhouse is looking for a university to donate that money to that shares his values, he need look no further than UVM. We have effectively been boycotting his state for decades anyway, and we could really use that money.”

UVM is always looking for additional funding, but especially this year, as many of their expenses have increased exponentially, most notably the salary of the university president.

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