Vermont’s Junk Recycling Program in Full Swing This Weekend

GOSHEN – For any Vermonters looking to recycle some unwanted junk items, this weekend is shaping up to be ideal as the state’s merry-go-round of detritus kicks into high gear. With decent weather and temperatures slightly lower than last weekend’s official “Hellfire” designation, nearly every lawn and garage in Vermont has been approved as a junk transfer station.

“We like to do our part,” said Lon Sayles of Goshen, VT. “We picked up a lot of junk last year, good prices and all, but it turns out it was actually junk and we’re hoping to pass it on again this year.”

Sayles is preparing to fill his front yard with almost 50% of his possessions, along with a sign saying “Everything for a Quarter!” He claims to not know where the majority of the things in his house came from, but says he doesn’t need much and the clutter makes his wife upset.

“Course she probably brung home more than half of it, going to all these sales, but that’s fine. I’m not bringin’ that up. I been married 36 years. I know what I’m doin’.”

Vermonters are expected to declutter, and then reclutter, over 200,000 items this weekend, as effectual trash gets relocated from one home to the next. Savvy shoppers are expected to spend almost $60,000 on these treasures by close of business Sunday.

“It’s a great tradition that really strengthens the economy,” said Gov. Phil Scott, as he began setting up a table on the statehouse lawn. “I think I can probably get at least fifty cents for all these bills I’ve been vetoing. Maybe someone else can use them. We certainly aren’t.”

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