New Study Finds CBD Oil to Be a Natural Way to Lighten Mood, Wallet

STOCKBRIDGE – CBD shops have been popping up all over the state as many Vermonters turn to CBD oil as a method of dealing with everything from cancer to colic. Scientific studies have shown some evidence of CBD’s benefits in some forms of childhood epilepsy, but have never shown real evidence that it will manage pain, sleep, or any of the other numerous claims made by those who swear by the oil. Now a new study sheds light on some of the real benefits of the recently trendy substance.

Community Based Directives, a small think tank in Stockbridge, VT, has released the results of their latest study on CBD oil, and found two distinct correlations. While no direct link was found between pain management and the pricey supplement, those taking CBD oil regularly found that they had much less of both anxiety and money.

“I don’t know how exactly to describe it,” says Stockbridge resident Beau Plassy. “Just thinking about how much it’s going to help me makes me feel happier. In fact, I’ve been able to go off of most of my other medications, on account of how I can’t afford them anymore. But I recommend CBD to all my friends and family. It’s like it relaxes and energizes me at the same time. Does that even make sense? I just love it! Do you have any on you? Could I borrow a dose? I’m a little short this week.”

The study also showed an economic boost thanks to the product. Out of all the new jobs created in Vermont so far in 2019, approximately 84% of them have been in the field of retail CBD oil distribution.

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