Political Activist Fights Trump’s Bigotry by Only Supporting Straight White Male Alternatives

BURLINGTON — Ahead of the second round of Democratic debates, Burlington resident Kevin Beverly cited the president’s blatant racism, misogyny, homophobia and xenophobia as his basis for only considering straight white male candidates to oppose Trump.

The Winooski asked Beverly about his favorite candidates ahead of the second round of debates. “The most important issue is which candidate will beat Trump. I really don’t care what your policies are, as long as they’re the candidate that make Trump a one term president. That’s my preferred candidate. He’s the worst president. Electability is all that matters. I’ve never seen someone so blatantly racist, his treatment of women is barbaric, he’s eroding LGBTQ rights.”

When asked about the most diverse grouping of qualified candidates in American history taking the debate stage, he specified his ideal candidates, “Biden, Bernie and Beto, the three B’s. We just got to get rid of Trump, I guess I’d say Bill de Blasio too. Someone electable like Bernie, Beto, Biden and Bill de Blasio. It’s got to be straight white guy whose name starts with a B.”

When asked about Pete Buttigeig, Beverly responded, “Hard name to say, he’s inexperienced, too moderate and what does he know about foreign policy? What is he, twenty-seven? Trump has that whole Mad Magazine zinger in the bag already.” When reminded that Pete Buttigieg spoke seven languages, served in Afghanistan, worked as a defense contractor, a business consultant at Mckinsey and mayor for eight years of an emerging midsize, resurgent city, Beverly clarified, “Look, I’m ready for a gay President, but I don’t know that everyone is, so I’d love to support him. I’m not homophobic, but other people are, so for that reason, I gotta say no. I mean someone speaking seven languages is a bit much if we’re being real.”

Beverly went on to describe several podcast episodes he just listened to, “You’ve got to win Wisconsin white voters, that’s what the 538 podcast said. Nate Silver was on vacation, but The Daily podcast said the same thing too. White people in Michigan and Pennsylvania too.” Reminded that Obama won Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania in 2012, Beverly seemed to have a vague awareness of the Obama Administration, mistakenly thinking Biden was a Vice President in the 1970s. “Are you talking about Biden Goldwater? I think it’s actually pronounced ‘Barry’ Goldwater.” The Winooski reminded Beverly that a white male Democratic candidate has lost every race since Bill Clinton won 23 years ago 1996, including the losses of Al Gore in 2000, John Kerry in 2004 and everyone who ran against Obama in 2008, including Biden. Beverly continued to seem unaware that Barack Obama just served eight years as president.

The Winooski asked about Corey Booker, whose name does start with a ‘B’, but Beverly responded. “Nope. I don’t think the country is ready for a black president.”

When asked to clarify the electability of Beto O’Rourke, who lost to Ted Cruz, who lost to Trump, Beverly responded, “Look he’s not my first choice. My dream ticket is 1. Bernie/Biden 2.Biden/Bernie 3.Biden/Beto 4.Bernie/de Blasio 5.Bernie/Bullock 6.Bullock/Biden 7.Bennet/Biden 8.Bernie/Beto 9.Beto/Bernie 10.Third party candidate.”

Beverly quickly dismissed Kamala Harris as a cop based on a headline he read on the Huffington Post. “I didn’t read the article, but it looked pretty damning. She’s way too moderate, she’s basically a Republican,” he said as he continued discrediting the former Attorney General of California and current Senator that studied at the liberal Berkley High School.

Beverly became most emphatic in his opposition of Elizabeth Warren. “Anyone can have a plan, plus I don’t think the country is ready for a president whose great, great, great, grandfather was part Native American. If you watch clips of Trump in the 80s, he was really good at being racist against Native Americans. There’s tons of Youtube clips where Trump is questioning the skin color of casino owners for not being dark enough. I’d love to vote for Warren, I’m not trying to prejudice against women, but I think Hillary Clinton is a fair composite of all American women, and we’ve already tried that. I’m ready, but I don’t think the country is.”

We asked about moderate Democrat Steve Bullock, who made his debate premiere last night. “Bullock, a B-boy, I’m excited about what he has to raise his hand about. I’m open, I’d put him on my top half dozen, Bernie, Beto, Bullock, Biden, Bill de Blasio and Michael Bennett.” Asked what state Bullock represents, whether he could point out the Governor from a lineup of candidates or a single policy position of Bullock, he stuttered and seemed to be scanning google search results on his phone for actress Sandra Bullock, before saying, “Electability. How old is Al Gore, he’s from Arkansas, right?”

The Winooski asked who Beverly voted for in 2016, and he responded, “I wrote in Jill Stein.”

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