Trump Announces Vigorous Defense of Saudi Arabia, “They were with us after 9/11, in fact a number of them were on the planes”

WASHINGTON – President Trump announced this week that he will bring to bear all of the military might the US can muster to support Saudi Arabia in a potential conflict with Iran. There is no current public evidence that Iran was behind the recent Saudi oil field bombings, although when asked if Iran was responsible, Trump said “I don’t know, probably, right?”

Many high ranking diplomats, politicians, military officers, world leaders, and cabinet members have expressed concern over President Trump’s overwhelming support of Saudi Arabia. Trump responded to criticism in a press conference early this morning.

“The Saudis are our allies,” Trump declared. “They were with us after 9/11, in fact a number of them were on the planes. You might say they were the first responders. The pre-responders, even. Every time there is a terrorist attack, you just know that Saudi Arabia is going to be right there. How could we not support them?”

When it was pointed out the President Trump still has yet to condemn the Saudi government for the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the President said “You’re lucky you’re not in Saudi Arabia right now.”

“Did you just threaten to murder us?” asked one reporter from the back in a quiet voice.

“That doesn’t sound like something I would do in a room full of cameras, now does it?” President Trump responded, and then ended the press conference by walking out of the room.

The White House later released a statement confirming the President’s love and respect for the news media, saying that he has never even criticized them in the past. They also confirmed plans divide up the West Bank between Israel and Saudi Arabia, pledging up to one billion US troops for the effort, many of which they plan to borrow from China to be paid back with interest over the next thirty years.

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