Local Man Unsure If He Has A Gym Membership

ESSEX JUNCTION – As the holiday season rushes forward and brings us into the new year, one local man is having trouble remembering whether or not he has a gym membership. Hugh Jass was considering putting a membership to The Edge Fitness Center on his Christmas list, but now feels as though he may have gotten one last year.

“I’ve definitely been to the gym,” Jass recalled. “I remember getting a membership, but I don’t remember quitting. Was that last year? Or the year before? Jeez, it could have been three years ago actually. Do they just keep auto-billing you forever? It may have been a gift. How long do memberships last? A month? A Year? Lifetime?”

If there are potentially a few weeks left on a previous membership, Jass says he would potentially be interested in getting in a few workouts before it expires. If, however, he does not have a membership, he says he would prefer to wait until January to sign up again, in order to make a fresh start for the new year.

“I’m really gonna do it this time. Unless I’m already doing it. It’s hard to tell. I’ve thought about just driving over there and asking, but I’m not getting off the couch on a chance that I might be able to hit the weight room. And I don’t really want to call them. It’s kind of embarrassing, actually. Probably better to just avoid the gym for now until it all gets sorted out.”

Jass says his current plan is to ask for a gym membership from various family members, and then ask them later if there were any “issues” with getting the membership, such as his already being a member.

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