War on Christmas! Many Church Employees Forced to Work Religious Holidays

STOWE – In a serious blow to religious freedom, reports are coming in that many Christian leaders are being forced to work on their holiest of days. Pastor Vill Faust, of Stowe Community Church confirms that he has to work on Christmas Eve this year, and overtime as well.

“Three services!” Faust says. “How can an organization claiming to be a Christian organization force people to work over Christmas? I’m going to be there all day! And I had to work Easter too! There have to be limits. This war on Christmas has gone too far, when even the most religious leaders are stuck at work over the holidays.”

Father Jon of Blessed Sacrament Parish in Stowe also reports being required to work Christmas Eve, as well as Christmas Day itself. From anecdotal evidence, it seems almost every Christian church leader will be denied the right to be home with their families on their most sacred days, and will instead be at their places of employment.

“It says right in my contract here,” Faust says. “You can see when I got hired, I’m not allowed to take vacation over Christmas or Easter. They have to put it in there, because they know we’d want to be home on Christmas. But it’s not even an option. Not for me.”

The larger church denomination as a whole has not responded to requests for comments, as their offices are closed until the New Year.

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