Local Girl Determined to Finish Halloween Candy Before Christmas

BURKE – Nine year old Candice Torr hit almost every house in Burke on October 1st, despite the bad weather. Now she is struggling to eat the remainder of her haul before December 25th, which her parents have set as the deadline for finishing the Halloween candy.

Torr reports that the terrible weather not only didn’t dissuade her from going trick-or-treating, but was a boon, as it kept many other children inside for the evening.

“I was, like, the only one out there” she says. “People were, like, dumping their whole baskets into my bucket cause, like, they said nobody else was out. And I was like, okay, I’ll take it! But I’ve been eating candy every day for, like, months. My parents say if I don’t finish it by Christmas, they’re tossing it! And I was like, no way! Not on my watch! Not happening!”

Torr’s parents confirmed that they made the deal, explaining that Candice is likely to get significantly more candy on Christmas anyway. They feel that one overflowing bucket of candy at a time is a good household limit.

“I told her she could either toss the Halloween candy, or not get any Christmas Candy,” Torr’s father confirms. “She wasn’t happy, but ever since then she’s been scarfing that stuff down like crazy. In retrospect, this may have been a bad decision. She’s been a little hyped up lately.”

The whole community, and now the world, are watching to see whether or not little Candice Torr will meet her goal and finish the candy over the next few days. She was on track to do it, but has been slowing down after the past day or two. We will update this story when we have more information.